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Olivia Lufkin
  was born on december 9, 1979 on the island from Okinawa to Japan, a japanese mother and an american father. She's older than her sister, Caroline, who are in the industry of the disc and her brother, Jeffrey, leader of a musical group. During her childhood, she bathed in the music of these parents. Her father played of the traditional guitar. Olivia takes part has much artistic activity and gains rewards. At 16 years, she's selected to form group D&D ( Dance and Dream) with Aya and Chicano. In the 2 years spaces, they are released 5 singles, as well as an album. Olivia is best group by far and especially that which has the most talent. It's why after this album, she decides to leave the group to try a career solo.

It's on the occasion of the soccer world cup 1998 in France, Olivia is selected to sing in duet a song entitled "Together now", composed  by Jean Michel jarre and Tetsuya Komuro. The  song will pass completely unperceived to France!

In 1999, she decides to release "I.L.Y."~yokubô~" and "re-ACT", composed and written by Tetsuya Komuro. The 3nd single "Dear Angel" is composed by Olivia. She proves that her does not have only one beautiful voice, but also a talent of author and composer. Follow also appearances TV and on the magazines of mode where she becomes unavoidable.

Olivia returns on the musical scene with one 1st maximum single "Dress me up" follow-up of another "Dekinai", in which Shinya, beater of the group Lunea Sea, plays these with dimensions for the first 2 pieces. She will make the first live one in Osaka and Tokyo. Her first album will release on June 12, 2000.

Altought she's done rare out and in Japan, Olivia seems to have all the advantage to make a long career. Great return in 2003 with the release of 4 mini albums and February 18, 2004 a 2nd album "The lost Lolli".